What's the Difference Between the Muffler and the Exhaust?

An exhaust is a chamber that keeps dangerous gases out of the vehicle and prevents noise. Any vehicle exhaust system encompasses more than an exhaust pipe that works in conjunction to provide a way for the gases to escape the engine under the vehicle.

As the name suggests, a muffler is a device designed to reduce(muffle) the sound the engine makes during the emission of gases. Mostly it is referred to as the soundproof device of your vehicle.

Importance of a muffler in an exhaust

As the muffler controls the noise level from your vehicle, it also ensures the efficient removal of gases from the exhaust. With the help of a few chambers, it can produce a wave that removes specific sound frequencies. As the gases and waves enter the center tube and bounce off the rear wall, they are also reproduced in the main body of the muffler. They pass through the second and last chambers, which lead them out of the muffler.

The muffler is also designed to balance your vehicle's airflow and volume

A muffler is helpful to the exhaust system as it is just a part of it and plays a simple role in noise reduction. For the efficiency of your muffler, it is advisable to repair it once it wears off to prevent harmful emissions from the exhaust and other chemical gasses entering your vehicle's cabin.

Importance of exhaust to the muffler

An exhaust system in your vehicle guarantees no spew of harmful emissions. As it collects from each cylinder, the depleted gases in an exhaust system ensure complete emission. The exhaust system can also ensure that the fumes emitted are cleaner than the engine produced. This renders the gases even more harmless to the environment. With an effective and good exhaust system, the muffler finds it easier to control the noise made by the engine.

Both the muffler and the exhaust have outstanding performances. Due to their liability to each other, it is clear to see the difference. Just as elaborated above, the muffler controls the level of noise, whereas the exhaust is to emit harmful fumes. If you need muffler or exhaust repair, we would love to help you out. Visit Premier West Gears today.

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