Differential Locker Types

Locking differentials come in various forms and functions ranging from a mild limited slip found in many OEM applications all the way to a race-only spool that permanently locks the wheels together and has no differentiating function. While there have been many unique differential designs that have come and gone over the years, the most popular locking differentials used today are the following:

Limited Slip
Limited Slip - Differential Locker Type
Limited slip differentials use spring loaded clutch-style friction plates to help keep the tires moving at the same speed.

Torsen - Differential Locker Type
Torsen toque biasing differentials use cross-axis helical gears that limit the difference in speed between the two axles.

Detroit Locker
Detroit Locker - Differential Locker Type
Detroit lockers are fixed in the locked position until a high enough differentiating force causes them to unlock temporarily.

Selectable Lockers
Selectable Lockers - Differential Locker Type
Selectable lockers use air, an electric current, or a shifter cable to switch between an open and locked differential.

Spool - Differential Locker Type
Spools are a one piece fixed design that sends power two both wheels at all times with no differentiating function.

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