What Kind of Maintenance Does My Transmission Need?

Caring for your vehicle is a major part of owning a car. Though cars nowadays require less frequent services than the ones our grandparents drove, you can’t simply neglect them altogether. One major maintenance that drivers tend to overlook is transmission service. 

The transmission is one of the most complex pieces in our automobiles. It requires regular inspections and the replacement of worn parts to improve your vehicle’s efficiency and performance. After all, it is responsible for moving your wheels. Transmission maintenance involves a fluid exchange, filter replacement, and pan gasket service.

Transmission Fluid Flush or Exchange
A transmission fluid flush is a procedure that requires professional skills, expertise, and equipment. We use a machine or a pump to remove all the old and contaminated transmission fluid from your car, and new fluid is added. Your transmission needs clean fluid to keep all its parts lubricated and cooled.

Transmission Filter Replacement
After changing out the transmission fluid, we will replace the filter, which helps trap contaminants. It keeps your transmission free of harmful particles.

Inspect Pan Gasket
The pan gasket is between the housing and the pan. It is a rubber seal prone to getting worn and damaged over time. When this happens, transmission fluid will leak out of your car. That is why it is crucial to check on this component regularly.

Transmission service is vital in keeping your vehicle and engine in good shape. It can save you money on expensive transmission repairs down the line. It also prevents clogs and build-up within the system.

If your vehicle is due for transmission service, the team at Premier West Gears would be happy to take a look and perform the services mentioned above. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our appointment form today! 

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