5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

When you hear strange sounds coming from your car, it can be alarming. Sometimes it's nothing to worry about. What are these noises? Here are 5 car noises you should not ignore and get attention immediately.

1. Squealing or Chirping Sounds from the Engine

When you accelerate or fire your engine up, if you hear a squealing sound, it may be the engine. The reason for this is that one of the belts in the car may need to be replaced. If it's a newer vehicle, it could be the serpentine belt. It could be the timing belt as well. Whichever the case, it should be looked at.

2. Pop, Snap, Crackle

These are the sounds you should only hear in your bowl of Rice Krispies. However, if you hear these sounds in the car, it's a worrying sign. In front wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, it is a common issue. It means the constant velocity joints need to be replaced. It helps connect the axle, so if the joints are not working properly, it can be dangerous driving your car with a misaligned axle!

3. Grinding sounds

If you hear a grinding sound, this means that the starter motor should be checked. It can also happen if you have transmission issues. Either way, you'll need to get this checked as soon as possible.

4. What's that rumble?

If you are hearing rumbling, sputtering, or rattling, it may be your exhaust system. This means it may have a hole in it that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

5. Hissing/Knocking sounds

If you are hearing hissing sounds, this could mean that the engine is overheating. It could also mean that the catalytic converter could be clogged as well. There may be fluids that are leaking onto the hot engine, which can be the hissing that you hear.

Another sound you may hear is knocking. You may think there's a phantom ghost in your car, but it could be something wrong with the ignition. You should get this check by a mechanic to make sure there isn't anything wrong in that area.

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